यो साइटमा भएका सामाग्रीहरु व्यवसायिक प्रयोजनका लागि कुनै पनि हिसाबले टेक्स्ट, फोटो, अडियो वा भिडियोका रुपमा पुनर्उत्पादन गर्न स्वीकृति लिनुपर्नेछ। स्वीकृतिका लागि salokya@mysansar.com मा इमेल गर्नुहोला।
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अहो, क्या गजबका फोटो ! कसले जित्ला अवार्ड

Winter night at Pokljuka forest in Slovenia

यी फोटोहरु गजबका छन्। सन् २०१८ को सोनी वर्ल्ड फोटोग्राफी अवार्डसका विभिन्न विधामा सहभागी भएका फोटोहरु हुन् यी। अहिले यो अवार्डका लागि धमाधम फोटो सहभागी हुने क्रम बढ्दो छ। तपाईँसँग पनि राम्रो फोटो छ भने अवार्डमा सहभागी हुन सक्नुहुन्छ। तर छिटो गर्नुस्, समय थोरै छ। ओपन, नेसनल अवार्डस र युथ कम्पिटिसनका लागि फोटो पठाउने अन्तिम समय जनवरी ४ को नेपाली समय अनुसार पौने ७ बजेसम्म मात्रै हो। प्रोफेसनल कम्पिटिसनका लागि भने जनवरी ११ सम्म म्याद छ। फोटोहरु निःशुल्क पठाउन सकिनेछ। त्यसका लागि यहाँ क्लिक गर्न सक्नुहुन्छ। गत वर्ष नेपालको नेसनल अवार्ड पाएका फोटोहरु हेर्न यहाँ क्लिक गर्नुस्।

हेर्नुस् यो वर्षको प्रतियोगितामा सहभागी केही फोटो

November, 2017 in ICELAND I accidentally found a gas station in the middle of driving in the snow for over four hours. © Chul-ui Song, Korea (Republic of)

Porís lighthouse, Canary Islands. This image is the result of two different shots taken with an aproximately 75 minutes difference in time, without moving the camera or tripod, to get in the same image the milky way and the sunrise. The milky way starts to get invisible during astronomical sunrise, which takes place in Canary Islands about 75 minutes before the civil sunrise. © Carlos M Almagro, Spain

In the beginning of xx century,Esperanza Orellana from Seville inherited a vast fortune from her grandfather. As they were living in Tanger and her husband was an arquitect, they decided to build a great theater. Opera singers as Maria Callas or Enrico Caruso used to perform in the 1920s in such a selected stage. However, in the middle sixties began the decadence and it became a cinema. In rainy days Tangerians used to take umbrellas with themselves to cope leaks. In the middle eighties the theater was closed, the chairs were piled on the stage and it has today the same appearance. Thirty years of still life © López Lumeras, Spain

First snowy day in Oslo © Tine Poppe, Norway

A herd of elephants on a march through a rainy landscape © Bjorn Persson, Sweden

My idea was good contrast of colorful umbrellas and black-and-white stripe image. I took this photo in rainy day of June 13th 2017 from the top of a building in Ginza Tokyo looking down the crossing. © Makoto Nishikura, Japan

Sao Paulo – 07.01.2017 – Especial Aniversário de Sao Paulo – Os tecnicos de enfermagem Marco Afonso Aires, 53, e Lilian de Matos Batista, 31, com a filha Larissa Ayres, 10, se refrescam em cascata construída na praia artificial do Sitio do Borges, em Itapevi. Foto: KEINY ANDRADE

A portrait of a woman with freckles taken earlier in 2017. This image was taken in studio using two soft lights (softness altered in post production). This image was taken because I simply found the model to be beautiful. She caught my eye at an event and I had to bring her into the studio so I could capture every single freckle on her © Sphiwo Hlatshwayo, South Africa