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Free Nepal LogoFree Nepal Inc. a nonprofit incorporated in the state of New York is happy to announce that we have acquired licenses to CINTAX tax filing service for international students and scholars; and will be distributing it for free.

Full time students that have been in the United States less then 5 years are eligible to use CINTAX. Students can gain access by donating atleast $1 (regular price is $39) to Free Nepal to verify their identity. If you do not have a major credit or debit card please contact us at [email protected] for help setting up your account. Please use your school or university account (ending with .edu) if possible.

Please support Free Nepal by donating however much you can. You can use the link below to both donate and/or request CINTAX access. Thank you!

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Number of CINTAX codes distributed: 32
Donations received: $18

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Free Nepal is a nonprofit organization incorporated in New York dedicated to human rights and nonviolence through education. In order to reach its goal free nepal plans to use several instruments like training programs, awareness campaigns, encourage and support students from developing countries (mainly Nepal for now).

Working on its goal to reform societies by educating people, FN will support student from Nepal during their stay in the United States. Free Nepal will create several support services like career counseling, health insurance, financial advising, and others.

Some of the programs Free Nepal is actively creating right now are:

  • Affordable health insurance plan
  • Free access to necessary softwares
  • Discounts on auto insurance
  • Internship opportunities

We are currently trying to raise at least funds to file for 501(c)(3) tax exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This will allow us to accept tax deductible donations and make us eligible for many grants. Full details on FN’s finances can be requested by Prameya Bhandari at [email protected].

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  1. I am receiving stipend from the university. I got 1042 S form to file the tax return. From the earlier discussion, I know that I have to fill 1040 NR-EZ form. As you mentioned, I can use CINTAX. If I need to send document by printing to tax office, then what is difference between the filling the respective form by downloading from IRS and using CINTAX. Moreover, how much standard deduction that student in F1 visa get in New york? Do you have any information to submit tax return online for students?

  2. Hi
    i am in US since 2007 fall. i am receiving stipend as GA. while filing 2007 tax return, i didn’t know which form to file so i filed it online using tax software. recently i came to know that i filed the wrong one. Now for 2008, i want to file 1040 NR EZ which is the correct one to file so far i know. But i am not sure whether i should file 8843 or not.Also will there be any problem if i file 1040 NR-EZ this year although i filed 1040 last year? i hope my confusion would be clear….

  3. Hello Again Deepak,

    Mahesh is correct, under the conditions you put forth, you would either need to fill out 1040NR or 1040NR-EZ.

    The 1040NR-EZ as it sounds is easy(ier)!

    Also, if you are a student you can use CINTAX for free to file your tax, it will automatically choose the correct form and fill it out for you. You just need to sign it and mail it.

    If you are having trouble donating $1 to verify your identity, please email us at [email protected] from you university email account with your full name and mailing address. I will manually enter you in the system.

    I usually check my email often, so you should receive your access information within a few hours.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.

  4. Deepak,

    I am in the same status as yours. I used from 1040NR-EZ for tax filing. the title of the form is “u.s.income tax return for certain nonresident aliens with no dependent.

    two things you must considered;
    1. you are nonresident aleins
    2. you are single ( for 4 years you are single for tax purpose even you are married).

  5. thank you once again Prameya,
    i still have one more question for you, if you don’t mind!!
    People say to use Turbo tax to file the tax..i have seen different form available on IRS website. Since i am a F1 from Nepal, usually what type of form is used to file the tax…is it 1040 or 1040 NR..i calculated using those two different form. when i used says i have 0$ as a tax to pay( with standard deduction), but when i used 1040 says i have 34$..In addition to 3777.71$ as my wages i have 50$ interest from my bank..thus i owe 34$ as a tax as by 1040 NR….
    If you figure out this confusion of mine on choosing the appropriate will help me a lot to solve this tax issue of mine.
    thanking you!!

  6. Thanks for your information. and regarding my state tax..what i have to do for that…since i am staying here in West Virginia. that 29$ is only for federal or it includes for the state too…Since i am in F1..which form is appropriate for me to file..because iam in confusion with 1040 NR or 1040..Please this information will be helpful

  7. comred
    jn badhai tapailai.
    sathai sabai caomred haru lai badhai chha ,dhailai bhayera pani halla hala badi ra party ko beijata satha chunaba ma tapaharu lagnu bhayeko ma hami sarai dukhit banayo, nirbirodh jh le adhakchye paunu partho, ta ra chaubab bhayera pani jn le nai jitnu bhayeko hami prabasi sarai khusi chhau, badhai sbaialai . gautam spain, ,

  8. Hi,
    I came to US last fall 08. I have been receiving stipend as a GAs. When i filled up the W4 form..there was some mistake… thats why my employer didn’t deduct any tax from my pay cheque, i.e, i was receiving the total stipend without any tax cut. I got my W2 form, it shows my income wages to be $3777.71..So, i am in deliema what should i do now, when i file a tax..will there be any penalty?will i get any refund back?

    waiting for your reply?

  9. aanchal,

    you are non-resident alien, since you have been here for a year only. you will be resident for tax purpose in the fifth year. the company might have put you as resident is the reason you are getting much refund.

  10. Hi,
    I came to US last year (January, 2008) as a F1 student. When I contacted Jackson Hewitt(JH), a tax consultant, the refund they calculated was much, as compared to those filing online on their own.

    Other Nepalese use the service from JH and they have been doing so since long. Does it create any complication later?

    Am I a resident or non-resident alien for the tax purpose?

    If I am single(unmarried) and earn approx. USD 21000 and have tax withheld of USD 2100, approximately how much will be refunded?

    pls answer.

  11. I am a J-1 visa holder. I came here for internship. Am i eligible for free tax filing. I don’t have any University or college in US unlike F-1 visa holder.
    Please answer.

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