Tax return deadline almost here, did you file yet?

This is a reminder to all United States residents from Free Nepal Inc. and Mysansar that the 2008 tax return filing deadline is April 15, 2009.

Have you filed your tax returns yet?

Usually EVERY US resident is required to file tax return even if you made no income (check with IRS – to verify if you are required to file. Filing tax return is very important to maintain your legal status in the United States.

If you have not already filed; you have only 10 days to do so, or you may have to pay a hefty fine.

Free Nepal is still offering free CINTAX access codes to non-resident Nepali students, scholars and professionals. But hurry! We only have a limited number of codes left. Please email us at [email protected] from your university or professional account with your full name and mailing address to receive the code.

If you are illegible to use CINTAX because you are considered “resident for tax purposes” you will need to file your tax retun like a US citizen. You may have to visit a tax professional.

Free Nepal has gathered volunteer tax professionals to help you file your taxes. Federal and New York state tax filing is available to members* for free; for all other states you will need to donate at least $15 to Free Nepal. Non-members* may use this service by donating $35 for federal return, $15 for New York state return and $25 for any other states.

Email us at [email protected] from your university or professional for more information.

*United States permanent residents (green card holders) and citizens are NOT eligible.

Free Nepal’s tax professionals will examine your return and accompanying schedules and statements to the best of their knowledge and belief and advice you based on information given by the tax payer. The tax payer is responsible to give true, correct, and complete information. Free Nepal’s tax professionals are only giving voluntary advice and shall not sign the form nor be considered as the tax return preparer. The tax payer shall sign the return forms as the preparer and be responsible to check its truth, correctness and completeness. Free Nepal, its employees, and its volunteer tax professionals and Mysansar is not responsible and shall not be held liable for any fines or other actions due to incorrect filing to the extent allowed by the law. This donation to Free Nepal is NOT tax-deductable because you are receiving direct benefit of equal or greater value in return. You may not claim the donation as tax preparation expense.

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