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  1. Dear Umesh Ji and Friend,

    Happy Vijaya Dashami !

    When you have text box inside the page, your cursor should go there. Therefore, we set up control tab number. But here we have few text box and they are in the bottom, the cursor always goes there, and therefore your page jumps down.

    There is three options. Either put one “dummy” text box at the top of page or second, make a small click buttom to write comments.

    The best one would be, put comments writing space in seperate window. So in this window contains only news videos, commercials, and posted comments. It will also help you to discourage unwanted and booring comments in the site.

    I hope it may help you. One thing is for sure that when you are trying to do a better job you will have some issues, as well. This is a drawback of progress which should not be worried.


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