प्रशान्तको विजयमा देशभर खुसियाली

प्रशान्त तामाङ इन्डियन आइडल बनेको खुसियालीमा देशैभर खुसियाली जुलुस निस्केका छन्। इन्डियन आइडलप्रति रुचि नभएकाहरुले त मध्यरात मै यस्तो होहल्ला सुन्दा राति नै गणतन्त्र घोषणा भयो कि भन्नेसम्म ठानेका थिए। मध्यरातदेखि बिहान अबेरसम्म काठमाडौँका विभिन्न स्थानमा खिचिएका भिडियो हेर्न भित्र आउनुस्। माथिको फोटो चाहिँ विराटनगरमा निस्किएको जुलुसको हो।

यो भिडियोमा तपाईँ दरबारमार्गमा खुसियाली जुलुस, मिठाइ बाँडेको, उदय सोताङ नारा लगाउँदै गरेको र एक सञ्चारकर्मीको विचार हेर्न सक्नु हुन्छ-

विराटनगरमा करिब चार सय महिलाको जुलुस निस्किएको थियो।

यो चाहिँ काठमाडौँको बसन्तपुरमा ठूलो पर्दामा देखाइएको इन्डियन आइडलको प्रसारण हेरिरहेकाहरुको जमात।

फूटबल र क्रिकेटबाहेक अरु कार्यक्रमको यसरी ठूलो पर्दामा प्रसारण भएको र यति धेरै मानिस जम्मा भएको यो पहिलो अवसर हो।

विजयपछिको खुसियाली।


  1. Once again
    Congratulation prashant ,once again. You are not only indian idol, you are world odol as you are the first person in the world till today’s date to get such a large number in the world.Yes as per your saying hard work is the key to success.You have unified all nepalese irrrespective of cast religion and political views.I think we all nepalese should learn from you so many things like-
    1. we should continously work hard
    2. we should love our mother tongue
    3.We should maintain our identity like our national caps and national dress
    4.we should work together to reach our destination.
    you have proved that nothing is impoossible.I honour you as world idol.We hope you will give continuation of the track created by Narayan Gopal dai as we are long been deprived of hearing quality sentimental songs.
    you are our hope and you are our symbol of unity and inspirations.
    God bless you and good luck .
    Dr. Bikash Subedi

  2. दै मैले त बल्ल आज हेर्ने मौक पये म अनि याहा देखायेका मन्चे भन्दा कम खुशि थियेना


    When Prashanta decided to try his luck at the Indian Idol reality show, winner Prashant Tamang probably did not dream that he would make it to the top.

    Even if he did imagine that, the 24-year-old from Tungsung village in Darjeeling district could have never thought, even in his wildest dreams, that for many in Nepal his win would become a symbol of political victory over their southern neighbour India, frequently regarded as an arm-twisting bully.

    For nearly two months, Nepal agonised over Indian Idol while its own contest Nepali Tara went ignored. Indeed, the Nepalese contest had to change its timing since no one watched it while it clashed with Idol.

    Why would a nation ignore its own talents and devote its energies to promoting a singer whose ancestors originated from Nepal?

    The answer is because, for many Nepalese, Darjeeling is still part of Nepal.

    In the 19th century, Darjeeling and other parts of Sikkim had been annexed by Nepal. However, as the British East India Company tried to open trade routes to Tibet via Sikkim, Nepal waged war against the Company and lost.

    As a result, it was forced to sign the Sugauli Treaty and withdraw from all the territory it had occupied in Sikkim, Kumaon, Garhwal and much of the Terai.

    Though the British found it difficult to govern the Terai and restored some of it to Nepal, Darjeeling, Kumaon and Garhwal remained part of British India.

    When India obtained independence in 1947, Nepal hoped to get back its wrested land but did not.

    Since then, the dream of achieving a “Greater Nepal” some day in the future with the lost area still remains in the mind of the Nepalese.

    Royalists had been demanding a Greater Nepal and the Maoists, the opponents of the royalists, want it as well, demanding that the Sugauli Treaty be scrapped.

    There has been no formal treaty between Nepal and India after 1947, even after Sikkim’s merger with India in 1975, which Nepal regards as the annexation of Sikkim.

    Nepal still does not formally recognise Sikkim’s “annexation”, nor has India sought recognition from Nepal.

    Therefore Nepalis still regard Darjeeling as a part of Nepal that should be restored and Prashant Tamang is considered a Nepalese.

    His victory Sunday therefore is the victory of Nepal over India in a way, which is why, despite his Indian citizenship, the fact that Prashant speaks Nepali at home, which constitutionally is an Indian language as well, is being regarded as evidence of his being a Nepalese.

    Ironically, actress Manisha Koirala, who carved a niche in Bollywood, was never an icon in Nepal.

    One reason was probably because she came from one of Nepal’s most influential families and the average Nepali did not identify with her.

    Her popularity also took a dive after she supported King Gyanendra when the king tried to seize absolute power through an army-backed coup.

    Nepalis feel that Manisha obtained stardom with the help The politics behind Prashant’s Indian Idol winof the Indian film industry, she did not “defeat” thousands of Indian contenders to attain success.

  4. i am happy too see prahsnat to be an indian idol.A NEPALI RESIDENT IN INDIA.symbol of nepalese success.he is indian idol for india but for us(nepalease)a sign of unity.if i have to say anything he is a sign of unity between all nepalease who is residing outside the country but not inside the country nepal.sabaile prashant ko jeet ko khusi ta pakkai manaye tera kapilbastu ma bhayeko ghatan ko dukha sadak ma aayera manauna sakeko chaina kinaki nepal ma bahun chan nepal ma janajati chan,nepal ma madhesi chan,nepal ma dherai jati chan tera nepali chainan aauta saccha nepali jasle sansar ma gaurav garera ma nepali bhanna sakos.sir thado ubhayera nepali bhanna sakos.hamile k janeka chau bhanera kelaune bela aayeko cha.FUTNA KI JUTNA?
    rastra narahe rastreyata rahanna pahile nepali bhayera bachna sikau prashant bata kehi sikne bela aayeko cha. kapilbastu ko ghatana feri nahos bhanera sajag hune bela aayeko cha.gautam buddha ko desh,sita ko desh bhanera aba kasari chinaune.k adhar cha hami ma.hamro muluk ma jutne bhanda ta futne nai badhi chan jasto cha aba herum k huncha sayed maile matra haina hola yeha sabai nepali le yehi socheko hola tera sochne bela haina yo ta milne bela aayeko cha.neta lie dosh dine haina ki aafai sajag hune bela aayeko cha.YO SABAI YESH KARAN LEKHDAI CHU KI PRASHANT LE HAMI NEPALI LIE GAURAVANBIT BANAYEKA MATRA HAINA KI SANSAR MA FIJEYERA BASEKA SAMPURNA NEPALI HARU MAJH AAUTA SANDESH DEYEKA CHAN.AAUTA BHAICHARA KO SANDESH AAUTA RASTREYETA KO SANDESH,AATMA BISWAS KO SANDESH,ANTA MA EKATA KO SANDESH.HAMI EK HOU.

  5. jubilation breaking out across nepal over prashant tamang’s victory in an indian television reality show is whimsical.at the time there is a sort of need to run campaigns to fortify weakening national intregrity,unity,some nepalese are entangled and lets say,lost,in prashant’ victory as if nepal has achieved what it has been looking for.what a display of nationalisn!
    but it does not mean that i am not pleased to see prashant’s victory.lets be rational,and show this type of unity,effort for the betterment of nepal’s current situation.nationalism is not only bound in nepalese race and in our dhaka topi.

  6. ल सबैले रमाइलो गर्ने मौका पाए ! जनताको शक्ति बभनेको यहि हो कि कसो.

  7. I do not know people are are happy for Prashant and spent their hard eardned money to vote for him .After all he is an Indian and he is not going to do anything for our country.Instead of taking out “Victory Rally” for him,Nepalese should focus on the crisis in Terai and the situation in Kapilvastu.Our country is near seperation and if we do not act soon,we may not find our beloved country the same in the world map.So,people wake up and get united for real issues and work for better and prosperous Nepal.

  8. This is too much dramatic,
    Why Neplese on unsincere about thie national situation? Fo same people get awared about Kapilabastu histircal evidence?
    At the same moment this is an untropical propoganda in a simpale tv serial evidience. We may again celebrate same way if a actor win win some evidence in KASUTI serial.
    Nepali has lost their shame and homogenity, its the faith for “Marna lageko Kamilako Pwank aauncha” But ” Siddhina lageko nepal ko NEPALI haru k ko jit manaundai chan? Just remeber.
    Go on celebrating Nepali;; “Narahe bansh, bajaula bansuri”

  9. जुलुस को अर्थ जुलुस नै लगौदा सहि होला कि? मनिस जि चहि किन खिन्न नि? बाहुन को च्होरोले जितेको भये कुर अर्को हुने थियो होला यहि हो नेपलि को बानि……अहिले प्रशन्त ले भन्द चै नेपलि को मन जित्नु भन्यो रे….भयो अभ…अनि के नेपलि को मन जित्ने कुरा चै हामीले स्विकार्न नसकिने कुरा भयो?? कपिल बस्तुवाला हरु चहि किन खालि मनायेको खुसियलिलाइ नराम्ररि अर्थ लगौदै च्हन्? किन सिक्दैन लड्नु को सट्टा एक ह्नौ भनेर??

  10. प्रेम पार्सद दाहाल तिमि किन फेरि किन औस्तेर्लिय गाको कपिल्बतु नगय्रर अरु लाइ भन्नु सजिलो हुन्च्ह तेसै ले सोचनु पर्च्ह भन्नु भन्न्दा पहिले ओक्

  11. मैले त कुनै रास्ट्रिय एकता देख्दिन प्रशान्त को जीत मा. नेपालि मुल को केटा ले जित्यो राम्रो कुरा हो तर ज्यान दिएर उत्साहित हुने कुरा केहि पनि छैन.

    हामि ले तेसो गरेर हामि नेपालि भारत माथि कति भर पर्ने रैछौ भन्ने कुरा प्रश्ट हुन्छ.

    जुन दिन फेरि दार्जेलिन्ग नेपाल को हुन्छ तेहि दिन खुसि मनाउला, अहिले नै लौ न नि गरि हाल्नु पर्ने कुरा केहि छैन.

    मैले भनेर हुने भए त तराइ भारत ले लगे हुन्छ तर बद्लामा दार्जेलिन्ग र आधि सिक्किम नेपाललाइ दिए हुन्छ.

    तेसो गर्यो भने नेपालि हरु एउटै घर मा हुन्छन अनि मधिशे हरु ले खोजेको जस्तो आफ्नोपन पनि तिनि हरु ले पाउछन्.

    बाकि त अब साथि हरु ले कमेन्ट गर्नुस मेरो कुरामा .

  12. नेपालि हरु जे होस जुलस निकाल्नु को लगि पोक्त अनि भोलि उनले पनि मेरा भरत महान भन्नु ठुलो कोरा होइन अहिले उनले त आफु त्यो अफ्नो लगि नेपलि को मन जित्ने कम गरेक हुन अनि अनि सफल पनि भअये
    नेपल का गजे घले दोस्रो बिस्वो योउध मा नाम कमयेका मानब अनि उन को नम त समन्सार को इतिहास म लेखियो अनि मर्ने बेलालम भरत पर्बास लगे
    येस्तै हो
    दारजलिन्ग् का सुवस पनि त गोर्खा लयन्द को लगि लददै थिए
    अनि इन्दिरा गन्धि सामु अत्मसमर्पन गरे धेरै को देखियो
    मेरो बिच्रार मा त
    कला गला जे भाने पनि पैसा को लगि
    नेपलि जन्ता जुलुस को लगि
    जुलस हुनुपरो जुलुस को मर्म आब्स्येक पर्दैन

    सथि हो टाइम पास भाको मा खुसि बेक्त गर्नु ठुलो कुरा होइन


  13. I really appreciate the opinion of Utsab Pokhrel. I also think maoists including Krishna Bahadur Mahara also looks like other politicians who bow their heads to indians…… I totally agree that we should be getting focussed more in our national issues like kapilbastu, poverty, …….. and so on. But it is bitter true that we and our politicians are getting distracted…

  14. Ok, it’s our turn, it’s nepal’s turn to introduce nepal to every nation. By the way Prashant a guy who never seems to forget his origin, in the momement there are a lot of guys in india who don’t want to introduce themselves to be a nepali. Yeah I am also writting from India but I don’t forget I am nepali, I am always proud to be a nepali because we have a lot of emotions to do something new & special. Thus, i suggest all of you (nepali guys) “Come lets do something, to introduce ourselves to the world.”

    But remember there is no such a thing to defeat a India because if India thinks like stated a lot from nepali guys then Sony Entertainment Television would never include a guy who is from nepali origin in its Contest named “Indian Idol”. But we may say we Prashant is successful to introduce who are nepali to india. This is a example for India that Nepali also can do better then indians or whoever it may be.

    Cheers on Prashant’s Success!

  15. Prashant Tamang, Ramdev and Kapilbastu Incident

    I am very much happy that Prashant Tamang, who is from Nepali Origin won the title of ‘Indian Idol’ program organized by Sony TV Channel. That is definitely one of the happiest movements when anybody from Nepal and Nepali Origin gain success defeating thousands of people in another country. Prashant was my, the most favorite participants among all of them participated in ‘Indian Idol’. I was really impressed by his simplicity and his smiling nature. He seems very innocent and dedicated towards his target. He is really a lovable guy.

    Nepali people have shown a great example of unity, love and harmonious relationship with each other. I really respect their devotion and hard working to make Prashant win in ‘Indian Idol’. But, at the same time, somewhere I feel that is it not too much, we have shown to make a guy from Nepali origin win in a television program which is organized by a business channel with the motive of profit making. ‘Indian Idol’ is in fact a Sony Channel Idol. It is not the program which is run by the Indian government. There are lots of such programs like Star Voice of India, Saregama etc. In my calculation, from the very beginning round to final round the people have invested more than 10 crores of rupees to make Prashant win the title. What is this? Is this not foolishness that have invested such a huge amount of money for a television program? There are lots of participants from different cultures, castes, states and origin. For example: Chang one of the participants is from Chinese origin. From our point of view, he should also be pride of China and whole Chinese people should have to campaigning to make him win. The whole Indian people should have to stand in the side of Amit. If such happened then could Prashant win in competition with great China and huge Indian People? There is no doubt that Amit was better than Prashant in singing quality. Yeh, Prashant is also very good singer and there is no doubt that he is also one of the best singer. By making Prashant win, we have not become great infront of the world but we have shown our racism and communalism. Let’s imagine what we people feel if such program will be held in Nepal and such chase will be raised in our country? We haven’t defeated India but Indian people have shown their greatness by giving the chance to win the title to a Nepali Origin. If we really like to make our people feel pride then we should do something best. We should make our country bright and developed. We should be able to stand in our own foot. We shouldn’t depend on any other country in our day to day activities. We could stand showing our wide chest in front of the people all around the world.

    Sometimes I feel shame in our socalled nationalism. We do nothing while there India has captured a huge land in our boarder side. It has captured our Kalapani. It is interfering in our every political activities. But our nationalism grows up when someone an individual speaks out something which he personally felt. Our nationalism comes out when a individual is fighting in a television program which only helps in his personal life. What a shame that in our own country where thousands of people are dying by lack of two times food, lack of covering their body from heat, wind and rain, lack of proper shelter and security, the people of our country invested crores of rupees in a television program. The people of Nepal celebrated all over the country crying slogans, firing patakas with the huge mass of crowds in the win of an individual in a TV program while nobody make a voice when hundreds of our fellows have died from communal violence in Kapalvastu. Still, the people of Kapilvastu is suffering from great fear. They are not being able to take their breath in open air. Hundreds of houses have burnt with people inside. Hundreds of daughters, sisters and wives have been raped. Uncountable number of people have been murdered brutally. And, we are celebrating the win of an individual in a TV program of Indian Channel nationwide.

    While there, our country is weeping, our leaders are busy to become first to make happy to a Jogi, a yoga professional. I am surprised seeing Krishna Bahadur Mahara, spokesperson of one of the responsible party of Nepal and Home Minister of our country are giving clarification to the Jogi from Indian origin in the light of nonsense scandal. Is that necessary to give clarification towards Ramdev? Whether that was just propaganda or may be really a threat, Maoists and the government should have to give clarification towards the people of Nepal through press conference in their own place instead of lying on a jogi’s feet. I am shocked seeing our leaders nature and thinking about what they do infront of the Prime Minister of Indian Government and others country’s Head of the States?

    Some months ago a Nepali Origin became first in a University Level Education among all over the London defeating the students from all over the world but rarely have we few people known this fact. There were no any celebrations. May be I am wrong but I have no answer whether it is really the time and need of celebration in this way while in reality we all know our situation and status?

  16. i m so happy to see all this kind of nature of nepali people. they know how to be happy and support.i m so happy in prashant win. he deseerve it and it is a proud of nepal n its santan all over the world.
    but i m so sad too because we could not unite to protest about kapilbastu incident and we did nothing to prevent it and se did nothing to help those poor nepali fello in their need. this kind of behave hurts and i dont think we all nepali are that much selfish.

    how we show a great support to prashant win
    we could suppurt to our those poor fellow who were crying in kapilbastu inscident.
    i still feel proud to be a nepali but same time feel so shame too.
    jai nepal guys
    bhagawan le hami sabai lai bhddhi diun to act like kapilbastu incident.

  17. ल बधायि छ् प्रशान्त बिदेशि भूम मा जन्म लियि स्वदेश को किर्ति राख्न सक्ने तिमि नेपालि स्वभिमान सपूत लायि मेरो मूरि मूरि बधाइ र शूभकामना सहित सफल्ता को कामना /

  18. प्रशन्त ले जित्यो खुसिको कुरा हो यस्ताइ एकता देखाएर अरु समस्या समधान गर्न सके त बहुत राम्रो हुन्थ्यो

  19. Shame on Nepali poeple, the Indian Idol was won by Indian boy. These Nepali aawara keta haru disturb other peoples’ sleep at night.
    If Nepali had solved Nepal’s problem, if it was declared republic, it Nepal had won world cup, then it would make little sense.
    PS: It does not mean that I am not happy with Prashant’s success. I also contributed some to vote to prashant.

  20. No doubt Prashant’s win can be seen as a win of all Nepalese people all over the world….but I am shocked to see all the nepalese people sleeping and watching the country dying.
    What are we doing for our own country? What have we done for the people (hillions) living in Kapilbastu? Dont you think that we are giving much much right to NRI living in Nepal?? Dont we think we have given them licence to kill Nepalese people in the name of Madeshi movement? Isnt it a high time we did something and protest the government for the security of all the Nepalese, which they call hillions, living in terai? see, this government and our leaders cant do anything because they get their breads from India…so we must be very concerned about it…i mean it friends..our sisters are being raped daily, our friends and relatives are being abducted and tourtured…moreover, India has occcupied most of our lands…the country is getting much much smaller…have we ever thought about these things?? No doubt, Prashant has united us, lets take our unitry to the top and save this country
    lets shake our hands together, you can contact me if u like to talk about the country and do something
    [email protected]

  21. Heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to Prashant Tamang. You made Nepalese and NRN proud. I admire your confidence, Dhaka Ko Topi and Khada and Nepali song you sang.
    Keep it up

  22. येक्दम खुसि को कुरा हो
    हरेक खुसि मा येसरि सबै नेपालि मिलेर खुसि बाद्नु राम्रो कुरा हो जस्तो लाग्६! अनि येस्ता खुसि क कुर हरु सधै सुन्न र देख्न पाइयोस सबै आम नेपालि बन्धु को चाहना हो!
    जये नेपाल्
    deepak singh
    south korea

  23. रमाइलो त हामी परदेशी लाई पनि लागेको छ नै यद्यपी यो कुरा लाई लिएर देशै भरी नारा जुलुस लगएर हिडदा त्यो जलिरहेको कपिल्बस्तुले अनी तेस बाट पीडित समुदायले के अनुभब गरिरहेका होलान? शभ्य मुलुकहरुमा कही कतै कसैको त्यस्तो घटना भयो भने उनिहरु शोक दिवस का रुपमा सारामुलुक बासिले स्रद्दा सुमुन ब्यक्त गर्दछन तथापी हाम्रो मुलुकमा एका तर्फको पाटो जलिरहेका बेला हामी अरु कसैको बिजय उत्सब धुम्धामले मनाइरहेका छौ यो कहाँ सम्मको भाईचारा हो मैले त बुझ्नै सकेको छैन। हामी कती हद सम्म स्वार्थी भएछौ त एक पटक सोच्नै पर्ने बेला आयो अब। आखिर किन योस्तो भयो भन्ने सन्दर्भमा यो सबै १२ बर्से द्वन्दको परिणति हो भन्नु नै उपयूक्त्त होला किन भने त्यो काल खन्डमा हामी जो जस प्रती आस्थावान थियौ रेडियो र टेलिभिजन हेर्दा प्रतिपक्क्षी आज एती जना मारिए भन्दा जम्मा एती जना भन्ने गर्न सम्म भ्यायौ तेसैले आज हामीहरु १५-२० जना मर्दैमा ओहो! भनेर जिब्रो टोक्ने आदत हटायौ,गन्दर्भ हरुले तेस्को गिती काहानी बनबनाउन छोडे अनी हामी आफ्नै केबल आफ्नै स्वार्थमा लिप्त भयौ यो अतयन्तै पिडादाइ अवस्था हो। बरु हामी त्यो जुलुस लिएर कपिल्बस्तु पुगेको भये कम्सेकम त्यो जलेको स्थान र त्यहाँ का स्थानिय बासिन्दा ले एक्लिएको महशुस त गर्नेथिएनन अनी उनिहरुको घाऊ ले मलहम को अनुभुती गर्नेथियो तर यहाँ न त सरकारबाट केही गरिन्छ नत कही कुनै पक्ष बाट नै त्यस्तो खाले अपेक्षा गर्ने आधार छ।
    जो मर्यो तेही मर्यो कसैको काख रित्तियो, कसैको सिन्दुर पुछियो अरुलाई यहाँ केहीहुँदैन यसरी नै नयाँ मुलुक बन्दै जाने हो भने भो हामी लाई नयाँ हैन पुरानै मुलुक बेश भन्ने अवस्था नआउला भन्न सकिदैन।

  24. This is one matter to be happy after long time.I am also happy as i had almost forgotten to be happy seeing news from nepali newspaper and Nepali news blogs.Preshant’s presentation at final is really great.It showed he really loves Nepal and Nepali.Hope god will help him later steps in life.

    South Korea

  25. हैंन यो हाम्रो नेपाली दाजू भाई हरु खुसी हुनुपरे पनि सीमा नाघने रिसौनू परे पनि सीमा नाघने झै पो लाग्यो म लाइ त !!!!
    प्रशांत ले हिन्दी गीत गायेर नेपाली को सांन राखे ?नेपाली को छोरो ले प्रतियोगिता जित्यो ,यो गरब को कुरा भो त्याहा सम् ठीक छ !!!अब बाकी खुसी हरु प्रशांत ले नेपाली हीट क्यासेट हरु निकाले पछि बाड़ने हो की ??हिन्दी गीत गा कई भर माँ चै उदित लाइ चै के भंने नि के आज उदित को मुकाबला माँ कोही छ ????
    तर पनि साथी हो मलाई हाम्रई नारायण दाई कई गीत अति राम्रा लाग्छान!!!

  26. कसैको करकाप मा नपरेर स्वफुर्त बिजय जुलुस देखेर बडा आन्नद आयो |
    जय जय नेपाल | |

  27. नेपालीको शान परशान्त, नेपालीको ईज्जत् परशान्त,साच्चै मलाई पनि खुशीले गध गध भयो तिम्रो हरेक पाइला सफाल् ताले चुमोस बधाई ६ तिमीलाई

  28. Yes, That good friends. Nepali people have shown a symbol of unity and intigrity
    Now friends, let’s unite together in the same way to fight agains POVERTY, TERRORISM, ILLITARACY etc. If you want me to lead, I am ready 🙂

  29. Thanks for updating us with videos.
    Friends, this guy is doing all the hardwork to inform us. हामीले पनि कम्तिमा यो भिडियोको अन्तिममा आउने विज्ञापनमा क्लिक गरेर उसलाई सहयोग गर्न सक्छौँ Lets do it.

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